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Funny offensive comics

Funny offensive comics

In fact, 20 years after the war ended, Stan Lee was still milking this idea for all it was worth when he created the villain Hate-Monger, the purple-hooded racist. This makes sense in an offensive sort of way, as Extrano has already been clearly identified as HIV-positive. In , Snowflame's path crossed with the New Guardians -- the same ridiculously unlucky superhero group who fought that AIDS-powered villain called Hemo-Goblin we've told you about before. And then it's the moment we've all been waiting for: DC Comics He also dresses like the son Santa disowned due to his "alternative" lifestyle. Superman and Captain America are two of the biggest offenders when it comes to the portrayal of race in comics. Lucky sprites possessed her instead, giving her the ability to use their good luck powers.

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Funny offensive comics

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