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Plymouth arrow funny car body

Plymouth arrow funny car body

Mar 12, Drag racing had its own wild and wooly characters. In the late 60s, AHRA was the first sanctioning body to give recognition to funny cars, went on to use the controversial practice of "seeding" flopper fields in the early 70s by booking in 8 cars for their 16 car nitro programs, leaving only 8 slots open for qualifying. A surfboard design ran down the center of the hood. The press release stated that Dodge wanted to make a factory built and ready drag racer out of the 68 Dart GTS hardtop for competition in class B super stock drag racing. According to a knowledgeable source, the Revell "deal" that Jungle and others had was: Mitchell and Lorry Azevedo both drove the beautiful machine in until Mitchell retired.

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'77 Plymouth Arrow Funny Car

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Plymouth arrow funny car body

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