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Funny random pointless quotes

Funny random pointless quotes

Richard claiming a particular round is exhilarating, intense, or much-requested - only for it to inevitably be something like "types of trouser" or "varieties of lettuce". Such is its infamy on the show, that on the th episode Richard gave Alexander a framed picture of the country as a present. Take her to the Gas Station. I'll bet nothing pisses off Antarctic substation scientists more than when food rations arrive bearing instructions to "thaw at room temperature. The most notable example is the rampant Obito flashbacks plaguing his reveal, Naruto's attempt to redeem him, and his teamup with Kakashi; said flashbacks are extremely repetitive and pad out several panels to several episodes, and the reveal's flashback padding actually derailed to show an entire arc of Kakashi's and Yamato's post-Rin-death history.

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Funny Quotes

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Funny random pointless quotes

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