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Hastings funeral home morgantown wv obituaries

Hastings funeral home morgantown wv obituaries

Although their beginnings were humble, they have been blessed by the citizens of this county and beyond by making their funeral home the largest single provider of funeral and cremation services in the area. The Hastings welcomed their two sons, Dan and Dewey, into the business. Over the years, the funeral home has gone through a number of changes - from additions to the building and remodeling projects, to the acquisition of surrounding properties to enlarge the parking lot. Young Dewey has since retired, leaving his father and brother in charge of the day-to-day operation of the funeral home. Grant Hastings, Dan's son joined the staff of the funeral home as a full-time licensed funeral director, and represents the third generation of the Hastings family to service. In all, we have six licensed funeral directors with combined experience exceeding years in the funeral industry, five licensed crematory operators, a full office staff with a notary and licensed insurance agent, and many part-time staff members to assist with services. For more than 30 years, we have also operated our own crematory for those who's wishes involve cremation as their final method of disposition.

Hastings funeral home morgantown wv obituaries

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